Together we can make a change!

The activist is not he man who says the river is dirty.
The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
               Ross Perot






organic farming

At our home base STARS GARDEN we are growing lemon, mango, chikku, cashew nut, banana, coconut and other fruits in a way of sustained agriculture.


The awareness of the excessive consumption of meat and its drastic consequences for the environment and nature as well as the social effects of meat production on poverty is part of our agenda.



The shortage of water resources is one of India`s major problems. Together with the lack of a proper waste disposal system and the pollution of the rivers it creates one of the biggest challenges for the future of the country.

We promote the protection of rural lakes and rivers and propagate an ecofriendly sewege system not only for the cities but also for the rural areas.

The limited Indian resources of water have to be considered as a national treasure of gold.


 To improve the awareness for waste and pollution among the villagers SARF is carrying out regular cleaning days.

We promote the usage of dustbins in the village and organize rallys with the rural population and students.