The new home for children from extremely disadvantaged families living in the slums of Bangalore and the rural surroundings opened on 1st of April 2013.

We specially thank our German friends and partners for the cooperation and their great support and work for the realization of the children`s home.



Together with the great support of all our friends and partners we are able to offer 24×7 care and a full education for 12 children.


The Project Goal

The children`s Home Guttahalli „Udaya Kirana“ is creating a protected living space for children, who are staying in poverty and who are extremely underprivileged and socially disadvantaged through their environment and their life at the edge of Indian society. To them it shall be enabled to experience a childhood and youth – without daily fighting for survival – , in which they can attend school like other children the same age. They shall be promoted and accompanied in an optimal way during their education.





According to their talents and interests these children shall be given space, in which they can develop their personality free and self-confident irrespective of their regional origin or their family and religious background, in order to lead a self-determined and free life as adults and to have the chance of realization of their hopes and dreams.







We need your help to ensure the future of the children`s home! 

Your donations are assuring that SARF can continue the work for these
children, who have found a new home with us outside of slums and streets. Please support us to cover the running costs for food, school fees, uniforms, clothing, salaries, gas, water and power.

Please work together with us to realize better opportunities for those who haven`t got the same opportunities in life that we have got.     


Indian donations can be made to:


SB-Account:       Social Association for Rural Future
Account No.:       15 00 22 00 16 93 97
IFSC Code No.:   SYNB0001500
Bank:                    Syndicate Bank
                              KGF Branch, Robertsonpet

All Contributions to SARF are Tax Deductable under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act.