SARF trust was founded on 11/02/2011 and is registered at Bangarpet Taluk, Karnataka, India with the reg. no.: 321/2010-2011

Nature of Association: Cultural, Economic, Educational, Social

Our home base is in Guttahalli, INDIA.




Mahesh Srinivas, Executive Trustee of SARF
on a visit to Koramangala Ejipura Slum

             Our address:
SARF – Social Association For Rural Future
c/o Stars Garden
Bangaru Tirupathi (Guttahalli)

Kavaraganahalli Rd, next to Government Highschool

Bangarpet (TK), Kolar (DT), Karnataka – 563116,
Tel.: 00 91 – 97 40 24 20 57




Transparency policy of SARF (Social Association for Rural Future):

Executive trustee:

Mahesh  Srinivas
Stars Garden
Bangaru Tirupathi (Guttahalli)
Kavaraganahalli Rd, next to Gvt. Highschool
Bangarpet (TK), Kolar (DT)

Karnataka 563116, India
Tel:  00 91 – 97 40 24 20 57
We have published our audit reports and receiving of foreign contribution under FCRA on this page in the section   Foreign Contribution.
The objectives of SARF:

To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, improvement and extension of all forms of educational institution imparting formal and non-formal education; including schools, vocational training centers, professional studies, research centers, social service centers also hostels and the such for students pursuing their studies and to those otherwise challenged also.


To construct, establish, maintain, develop, operate and run hostels and tuition centers, children`s homes and orphanages, computer and musical classes, also in collaboration and cooperation with any other trust, society, association bodies corporate or other institutions or agencies having objects and purposes similar to those of the Trust.

To institute studentship, scholarships, stipends, medals, prizes etc., to help and encourage deserving students and to provide monetary support to students, scholars and teachers for pursuing their education.

To organize, conduct and assist in the organizing and conducting of lectures, seminars, workshops and symposiums on agriculture, science, art, commerce, management, leadership, philosophy, culture and such other subjects of general and academic interest to people. 
To provide social and health care services and medicines to deserving patients regardless of their religion, caste or creed. To construct, establish, maintain, operate and run medical centers, hospitals and dispensaries, first aid centers, nursing homes for the purpose. 
To promote and carry on programs of rural development including programmes promoting social and economic welfare, making necessary arrangements for provision of drainage, sewerage, recycling centers, sanitation and other amenities for the good, hygienic living conditions in rural areas and urban slums for the welfare of the people. 
To promote and encourage any advancement of physical education and training and/or physical efficiency of members of the public including athletic games in all their branches.
To launch educational campaigns and demonstrations in order to bring about better civic sense and awareness for protection of the environment and ecological balance and to propagate, preserve and promote environmental sanitation and preservation of natural resources.
To establish, operate and maintain systems of public convenience such as drinking water points, recycling centers and recycling systems, children day care centers, free public libraries, toilets, bus shelters, street lamps and such other provisions in the large interest of the public irrespective of caste, creed or colour. 
To give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, or meals for the poor and indigent and to the persons suffer due to natural calamaties.
To provide amenities for and to hold discourses on Indian Philosophy, History, Culture and other allied subjects as to promote and cherish our heritage, tradition, culture and our way of life.
To render assistance to individuals, bodies corporate, associations, institutions or societies having similar aims and objects, and to collaborate or cooperate with any other trust, association bodies corporate or other institutions or agencies having objects and purposes similar to those of the Trust. 
To extend assistance for all round development to small and marginal farmers, landless labourers, rural artisans and such other economically weaker sections, slum and pavement dwellers; through sharing of new, modern and critical knowledge, developing skills and making available necessary through appropriate sources.

To involve and assist in the implementation of various welfare schemes of the government for the benefit of the rural people.

To assist the rural community to develop environmental awareness and to promote social forestry.
To render services at the time of natural calamities such as but not limiting to flood, famine, earthquake, epidemics etc. to any person irrespective of caste, religion and other considerations. 

To promote, establish and maintain or help by monetary gifts or otherwise social, cultural and health centers including recreation grounds, playing fields, play grounds, swimming baths and public gardens.
To accept subscriptions, contributions, donations, grant and gifts from any person body, firm, corporation, association or institution for all or any of the purposes of the Trust.
To employ all income derived from the property or the business carried on by the trust, if any, for the purpose of the trust and for the proper running and upkeep of all trust properties.

To do all such other things and to perform all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the fulfillment of any or all the above objectives, or any other object of General Public Utility not involving any activity of religious nature.

The trust shall be an irrevocable public educational, cultural trust for the benefit of all persons belonging to whatever community irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion.