Social Association for Rural Future
Guttahalli, 563116 Karnataka - India 
Free tuition classes 
We are offering free tuition classes for 40 girls from disadvantaged village families to prepare them for their next exams. 

After regular classes a private teacher is working with the students on their individual problems in different subjects and tries to make them fit for a succesfull education.
                                 Computer classes  
By the support of some European donors we were happy to receive some second hand notebooks.
In the children's home "Udaya Kirana"our social worker teaches
the basics of the computer world to the youngest.
Open classes to the the children of the village are planned as soon
as we get further notebooks that will enable us to run bigger classes.

Educational support 
SARF supports individual school and college students by taking care for their application fees, busfares and study books. For our program we are chosing students who otherwise wouldn`t have the chance to go on with their education because of their social background.
According to the number of our supporters and donors we can take more students into the program and open a way for them to carry on with their studies. From 2011-2014 we were able to support more than 50 college students.

This educational support program shall help disadvantaged village students to achieve a better education and to open up better chances for their life to fulfill their hopes and dreams.
If you want to support a student by personal sponsorship and accompany her/him through the educational career please contact SARF:

Tel.:    97 40 24 20 57