Spice of Life

Just having a meal a day and a roof above your head – is that enough to live a humanely and dignified life?

The opportunities to learn and improve, to get proper education and the chance to realize one`s own dreams, to have access to good medical care and the freedom to work for the better of society, to build up the skills and to reach out for the options to realize and use the talents given to each of us and to enjoy life in as many aspects as possible – that is what makes
the spice of life!

Girls Educational Support Program


SARF is helping girls from desitute families by taking care for their admission at an International School and covers all upcoming expenditures for their further education.

Children’s Home Guttahalli


100 km away from Bangalore SARF is giving home for 12 street and slum children from Bangalore and from the local surroundings of Guttahalli. We provide 24×7 care and take care for the full education of the children at an International School.

Environmental Awareness


SARF tries to strengthen the environmental awareness within the rural population by regular cleaning days, planting plenty of new tress and avoiding any chemical ferilizer on Stars Garden.